Golf Instruction is provided by our PGA Fellow Golf Professionals

With over 30 years as a PGA Golf Professional under his belt, our resident instructor, Gavin Hopkins, has an exceptionally wide range of experience in providing golf coaching across a broad spectrum of ability and expertise. His coaching abilities, well-honed techniques and personable manner, coupled with an analytical nature make him the ideal instructor for beginners, intermediate and advance golfers of either gender and any age.

Also included amongst our golf professionals is David Rundle, who is based in Germany and is a member of both the South African and German PGA.

Individual or group instruction is available (or a combination of both) in the categories of beginner, social, intermediate and advanced golfer.  Tournament preparation is available also, with course management (escorted round) as an option if required.
Part of our instruction methodology includes the appropriate use of game improvement tools such as video and digital swing analysis,  GPS-fitted analysis of plane and swing silhouette and path, and many more. We steer well clear of any fads and gimmicks, however when used correctly the tools we do use have proven extremely useful in visibly improving our trainee’s games and over-all golf experience.

Golf instruction forming part of a Corporate Golf function is another service we offer, with packages from two hours to a full day, or even a weekend, available as options.

We use a wide range of game improvement tools to assist your golf experience

To assist and complement our professional golf instruction  and direct it where needed, we often apply the use of apparatus and various game improvement tools as part of the coaching process.  We are mindful not to become caught up in the technology game for it’s own sake, however, have found in our experience that the appropriate application of some tools, under the guidance of our PGA Professional, can be very beneficial to a golfer’s game. Naturally, if a tool can be used to improve an aspect of one’s game, it makes total sense to use it – who wouldn’t?

Video analysis has always played an important role in Great Swing Golf’s holistic approach to coaching, and we offer the platform of a Canon XL1 Pro Series as well as analysis using a tablet as platform.

Digital analysis using Canon equipment and providing for full screen viewing with up to six speed options is another tool we make extensive use of. We have found the ability to view a swing from the inside of impact with the GoProII extremely useful and this view makes it very easy for the golfer to understand where he or she is going off track.

Amongst the various other tools we make use of, are included…

  • GPS fitted analysis for swing silhouette, plane analysis and swing path
  • PG Sweet Spot Tester
  • Swing flex-hinge test
  • Foot Brace and Turn test

As well as putting tools such as the following…

  • The Rhythmizer
  • Flex-i-Shaft putter
  • Egg cup clip test