Testimonial – G’erhard Human

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“Gavin Hopkins is truly one of those legendary golf coaches who only comes over your path from time to time. During my younger years I had a quest to become a top golfer and realized that this happens with the assistance of a good golf coach. After a few different people, Teddy Weber became my go-to coach for a few years before moving to a different city. This left me without someone to rely on to further improve my game. I went to a number of different couches without real signs of improvement.
Finally I was fortunate enough to meet Gavin Hopkins who was able to quickly summarize my game, and spot my strengths and weaknesses. He started to work actively on the stronger parts of my game to ensure better scoring. From there we needed to get more consistent and Gavin came through in flying colours – he started working on my mental side of the game to have the right focus in tournament play and he started to discuss options on how to best play different holes on a course in all conditions.
We worked together for many years and my game improved drastically, from great results in very competitive tournaments to a 68 from the back tees on one of the toughest courses in Johannesburg.
I can sincerely encourage you spend time with Gavin, you will be in good hands with great possibilities for many years of good and exciting golf. ”
Yours sincerely,
G’erhard Human