Testimonial – Sabine Borges

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“As a physical therapist with vast experience in sport and having escorted national youth squad teams to various European Championships, I am very demanding when it comes to training and the correct analysis of movement. Whilst learning any new range of movement, it is absolutely crucial to have it correctly demonstrated and explained as well as to learn to “feel” it.
After spending time with three rather mediocre Golf Professionls, I found my way to Gavin Hopkins, who really surprised me with his ability to analyze movement in general and my golf swing in particular. During the past eight years and thanks to Gavin´s patience and motivation, I have not only improved my golf game by far but I am also having a lot of fun!!!
Having participated in one of his marvellous South Africa golf tours, individually tuned to our needs and interests, I have already decided that I will definitely be back soon for further travelling.
If you want to be a golfer and have fun at the same time, or you need a “golf professional and tour guide” for golf excursions, I can only recommend Gavin Hopkins!”
Sabine Borges